Free and Unique Fundraisers Ideas

Churches and charities of all shapes and sizes can benefit and participate in unique non profit fundraising ideas to help grow your organization effectively, efficiently and virtually effortlessly. If you are tired of the same old church fundraisers ideas or overwhelmed fundraiser for church ideas with complicated charity fundraising ideas, than your in luck. The way this works I have found is second to none and can help build your organization so quickly and easily it will make you wonder where this type of program has been all along.

While bake sales, raffles, bowling and pizza parties are all nice and can bring in some donations. Think about offering services people already own, pay for every month without thinking about it and are of the most recession proof products in the entire world. Better yet to find fundraisers ideas which insures your organization keeps no inventory, has no quotas and does no selling would be a dream come true, right. To just let your congregation or members know about what you have to offer and how to direct them through the ordering process is the ultimate in simplifying your fundraising efforts. It is streamlined so you collect a portion of the bill month after month, year after year for as long as you member pays that bill.

By now you are probably wondering what type of services I am talking about. Below is a more detailed list of what types of products and services these programs offer.

Cell phones from the top carriers in the industry, energy (electric and gas) for commercial and residential customers, digital phone service for commercial and residential customers, internet and computer back up, analog phone service for residential customers only, satellite TV from the top providers for commercial and residential customers, security service from the number one in the business residential only.

Now the beauty of all this is the fact that these are services most of your members already have and by going through your organization they can receive a savings on those services and feel good knowing that their helping an organization they already believe in and want to help. Your not asking them to do anything different or give you more than they already do because they already pay these bills and they are still billed and receive the same customer service as if they went to that specific company direct. Above all else it costs your organization nothing to do this so you can participate in this program absolutely free! Whether you are looking for fundraisers ideas, church fundraiser ideas, charity fundraising ideas or non profit fundraising ideas this program can help your organization benefit greatly and immediately.